Making Your Marketing Pack a Punch with Video Blogs

C Sharp Video Productions

The global recession along with a host of other factors has thrown a spanner in the works for B2B marketers; it has created several challenges for the marketing departments of mid- and large-sized companies. Video blogs, in this context, can really be your marketing solution.

Challenges you might face

  1. Justifying ROI on marketing spend: Tracking the ROI from every marketing activity is next to impossible: not all of them have a one-on-one correlation with a specific set of leads generated.
  2. Providing adequate budget for marketing activities: Whatever be the size of the organization or revenues earned, adequate budget needs to be provided for marketing activities. More often than not, the budgets fall short to the extent of rendering the activities ineffective.
  3. Understanding the role of the company website: Most Tier-2 companies (as against market leaders) rely still on their websites for leads. However, it is a great challenge to understand the design or content tweaks needed to make the website a winning one.
  4. The technology dilemma: Resolving the design and content issues for a winning website involves another related factor; it is the identification of the best and the most cost-effective technologies to be used for online marketing initiatives.
  5. Hiring and training top talent: High-quality marketing talent, who are also cost-effective, are hard to find. Moreover, giving them appropriate training in order to bring out the best in them is another challenge.

Which contents ensure constant customer involvement?

Kapost Powers B2B Marketers, the content marketing company, has conducted a number of studies and surveys on contents that ensure constant customer involvement. According to their findings, most mid- and large-sized companies surveyed allocate an average of 55% of their annual marketing budget for content production and creation.

Most companies use a wide spectrum of content delivery mechanisms, which are not based on any specific finding or strategy. This is an ineffective approach. According to another study, inefficiency in content production results in excessive marketing spend of $958M every year, for mid-sized and large B2B companies in the US.

In the recent past, there has been a focused shift to videos, which has emerged as a more efficient content delivery mechanism. It’s estimated that by 2017, online videos will make up nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic. Among the various types of videos used, Video Blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Advantages of imaginatively made video blogs

  • Stand out among the proliferation of blogs
  • Attract and retain interest better
  • Create an instant connect with viewers
  • Can employ forward and backward integration strategies
  • Can be as creative as you like
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective to produce
  • Personalize your product or service
  • The show and tell is easier and more effective
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Can demonstrate complex concepts easily
  • Increase your outreach on the web

According to Kapost Powers B2B Marketers, 45.4% of internet users watch one video every month, even as they are exposed to 32 videos every month. Today, videos are being used to make decisions, unlike in the past, when people watched videos for awareness building.

Little wonder, the number of videos viewed in a day has risen over the years. Currently, on an average, 100 million people watch at least one video every day. Why not your product or service is one of them?

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