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Startup Event Videography

One of our talented friends who offers event organization services Greg Gioia called us up to film an event for a start up event in San Francisco. He needed one videographer to film one-hour PowerPoint presentation and a speaker on stage, and film the before and after reception and mingling of the 100 or so people attending. This event is for a corporation called Counsyl.

Counsyl is a tech company involved in genetic testing in pregnancy. They develop technologies that make it affordable for anyone. At the company event, they gave a presentation to train or inform other employees and business partners about their newest technology and discoveries.

Before and after the presentation, there was time for networking, fun activities, and raffles. This video footage was used for b-roll for the 3 to 5 minute highlight of the event shown below. The highlight also expresses the overview of what Counsyl with the footage taken at the event, and existing footage provided by Counsyl such as the laboratory machines and lab samples.

Equipment used was a 5D Mark III on a tripod with a Canon 70-200 L lens to capture the presenter. Audio was capture from the mixer by an audio recorder. Sound was recorded separately to be synced at post production. A Rode mic was place on-camera to capture ambient sound. In terms of the lights, it was a difficult situation as we have thought that it was going to be provided by the stage managers, so we used a spotlight provided by the audio guy. We have recently bought an Arri 150watt lamp to light the presenter without obstructing the PowerPoint screen, so this situation would be solve for our future shoots similar to this one.


Fashion Show at The Academy for Salon Professionals

We were lucky to receive a call again in March, a couple of months after producing their promo video,  from the Academy to film their fashion show event at the school location in Santa Clara. They usually organize semester or quarterly portfolio shows for the newly graduated students to showcase their work and demonstrate their abilities by participating on a fashion show.

The production was a two-camera operation: one on steadycam and another camera on monopod for b-roll and environmental shots. We had to cover preparation, hair and make up before the show at the back, long lines outside and registration at the front as the guests were offered refreshments and programs. The portfolio and interviews were first in the program which took about an hour as friends and family sat along the runway. Industry professionals who were invited continued to interview the newly grads with portfolio displays until the fashion show was about to start. One camera was set up at the end of the runway and another was set on another tripod at the middle of the runway where it made an intersection at wide angle. We only provided the raw footage, no editing was required.

Hollywood Comedian Eddie Griffin shows support for San Jose’s Festival of India

C Sharp Video Productions is proud to have offered its talents to San Jose’s Festival of India, a large celebration of India’s rich culture and heritage that was held in August. Through our media and videography expertise, we were able to provide support for a celebration of of one of the largest cultural demographics in the Bay Area. This in mind, it is always an honor when a member of
Hollywood circles joins and supports local organizations to foster good will. The Festival of India was honored by the support of Hollywood comedian Eddie Griffin. Griffin, most known for his work in Malcom & Eddie (1996), Undercover Brother (2002) and
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999), was born in Kansas City, Missouri and began as a standup comedian before finding work in film. Griffin proudly stepped on stage of the beautiful California Theater in Downtown San Jose to say a few words regarding his support for the organization.
His speech touched on his view on creativity and the role of media, Hollywood and Bollywood in particular, in fostering unity and understanding that transcends barriers of race, religion, and language. He argued that instead of political ideologies and a military force to bring about significant change, it is as effective to have, ” [a] joke, a good script, and the ability to feel to change lives.” It was a well-received message resulting in applause from the audience, no
doubt encouraging and inspiring artists of all different mediums to use their abilities to make people laugh, cry, and feel to change lives in a positive way.
Griffin, ever the entertainer, showed no hesitation showing off his dance moves on the stage as well. With C Sharp cameras rolling on the front and side of the California’s wide stage, he joined dancers in a traditional Indian dance on-stage, having a good time and adding his  own flavor to the dances.

Watch the rest of the videos from the event below.

Festival of India 2014 Highlight Video

C Sharp Video Productions is proud to have contributed it’s skills and expertise in live event videography to cover the 5th Annual Festival of India, which was held in August. From a small organization of five thousand people, the festival has garnered attention from its host city of San Jose, CA, and has even expanded its activities beyond the South Bay, hosting a parade in the city of Fremont, CA.

There were several highlights to this year’s festival. The involvement of San Jose politicians in recognition of the festival was something to behold. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed made a statement in honor of the festival, stating that many of today’s accomplishments for the city could not have been done, “without the the contributions of the sons and daughters of India.”

The Festival of India places high emphasis on Indian entertainment and culture, and this year was no exception. Various filmmakers, actors, and artists from the Indian/Bollywood scene and the American/Hollywood industry, as well as other artists and filmmakers from around the world came together to connect and promote their craft in the beautiful California Theatre in the heart of downtown San Jose. The guest of honor, Hollywood commedian Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother, Malcom and Eddie) shared a few words on the importance of what the Festival was doing. He stated that, through creativity, we can touch the very fabric of sociology.”

Perhaps the largest and most exciting highlight was the FIA parade. Held in Fremont, CA, the highlight not only included parades celebrating Indian culture, but also emphasized the huge cultural diversity of the Bay Area. though Indian culture was the predominant emphasis on the parade, with celebrities from Indian cinema appearing at the parade, floats representing Mexican and Asian-American cultures were spotted as well. The parade was a true testament to the effect of modern globalization and how, especially in the Bay Area, cultural diversity is such a commonplace phenomenon in today’s world.

RAW San Jose Official Videographer

Raw San Jose 2014 Promo

For two years since 2012, we have been filming for an art exhibit organized by RAW San Jose, a branch of the non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. RAW San Jose opened their doors to offer a spot for local artists in the South Bay to exhibit and sell their work to the local community.

As artists ourselves, we support organizations that give the artists of our time a chance to shine. It also gives people a chance to bring out the artists from within.

This year they kicked off 2014 at the Motif Lounge in January. They plan to open exhibits on the last Wednesday evenings of every other month until end of Fall. The next exhibit will open on Wednesday, May 21 at 8:00PM at Motif in Downtown San Jose.

Get your tickets in advance for a discount, or pay at the door.

Get tickets at

Film and Edit Series of Video Blogs for Local Art Exhibit RAW Artists Non Profit at Beso NightClub in San Jose

An international non profit organization asked me to film their art exhibits throughout the summer season.  Video blogs were produced in San Jose at the monthly showcase event where local artists exhibit their work to sell and promote.  The videos were shot by only one camera throughout the event.  The interviews were stationed with a lamp and the b-roll shots were taken throughout the event.  Opening the video with motion graphics and an overall intro, each artists would have a memorable video to showoff about afterwards.  Various artists include the following and more:

  • visual artists
  • photographers
  • painters
  • jewelry & accessory designers
  • fashion designers
  • fashion styles
  • makeup artists
  • body painters
  • filmmakers
  • musicians
  • performing arts and dancers

About 15 to 20 videos were shot during the event and later uploaded to the RawArtistsTV Youtube channel.  The videos are part of the media package the organization offers to these artists to use to promote themselves and their work; also include photo portraits.  Motion graphics and original music tracks were also implemented into the video.  These videos are great promotional tools for both the artists and the organization.

Contact C Sharp Video Productions at for more info about filming and producing a trendy splice of your event in video.

Filming Music Recitals

C Sharp Video Productions in collaboration with Martini Media Network and Tony Bella filmed and recorded a piano recital at San Jose State University on May 15, 2011.  The series of videos uploaded to is part of a package deal for music students at their Junior, Senior, or Graduate recitals. The package also includes a DVD, a CD recording, photos, and online ordering.