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Sandisk 128GB Product Launch Video

SanDisk launched 128GB microSD card March of last year for any device that accepts cards of that size. Please watch the video to find out what it means to have a higher capacity of storage in your mobile devices. This video was distributed to other SanDisk branches around the world and to SanDisk customers.

The production set up involved an FS700 with an 18-300 lens and a boom pole shotgun mic. The subjects were lit with a large softbox as the main and an LED as the kicker. Audio backup is a wireless lav which is miked to an audio recorder. It turned out that the first two interviews needed that backup as the background noise of the environment is noisy. The lav was placed closer to the subjects voice than the boom mic.

SanDisk 128GB Project Launch Video

Roy Terry- The Primal Pitch

Roy Terry-1

Roy Terry is your go to man if you want to transform your pitch from being just good to persuasive during your start up funding stages. Roy is a professional pitch coach and can help you strengthen your pitch by helping you break it down and reconstruct it in a way that makes your listeners sit up and take notice of what you are saying.

Roy Terry-2
C Sharp Video Productions was given the privilege of coming alongside Roy to help him make his video pitch to you. We dropped in on one of his seminars to show you a glimpse of what your experience will be like, then came back to our studio, filmed an interview with him and edited them together.
 Roy Terry-3
We sent 2 videographers to a “Find Your Cofounder” Meetup ( in Milpitas, CA where he was the featured speaker to attend and tape his talk during lunchtime. There were over 50 people, mostly from the local tech industry. He brought two of his current clients and started interviewing them, with all the attendees looking on and taking notes. He asked them pertinent questions about their startups and who they were pitching to-2nd stage investors. By the end of the conversation with them, the general consensus from the room was that the two clients’ pitches were much more convincing and persuasive than they had been at the beginning of their session.
 Roy Terry-4
Roy was a natural when we brought him back to our studio and set him up against green screen to do his own pitch for the video – below.

He introduces his coaching services at Please watch the video, take action and book a session with him today!

Promotional Video for Martial Arts Instructor Arthur Lam in San Jose

Promotional videos are a great way to promote services to new clients for small business owners.  It is a concise way to show and tell what you have to offer in your business.  Here is a recent promotional video about a new Martial Arts instructor in San Jose who explains his new style of Tai Chi.  This video was to promo his new school and launch his marketing campaign to grow his student base.  The video was distributed through mass email, social media private messages, and Facebook.

I have discussed with the client to shoot with more abstractly with close shots, utilize the slider with a more cinematic effect, and incorporate smooth transitions to match well with the content presented.  The scenes were shots at William Street Park in San Jose.  Production time was about an hour and a half with a brief interview and a demonstration.  It was filmed with one camera, audio, and a soft light angled at 45 degrees.  Turnaround time was about two days.

You may visit Mr. Lam’s blog to inquire about lessons in San Jose.

For more information visit or call (408) 497-0650 for more information.  Ask for an estimated of your next business video.

Viral Videos and Online Marketing for Businesses in the Bay Area

Videos on websites just make sense. If done right they can be the most effective way to convey a lot of information in a short period of time. That sounds pretty good by itself, right? Well BOOM! It also helps SEO! Bet ya didn’t think of that. So let’s take a look at how video […]


Videos attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads

B2B video marketing efforts from software company Attivio helped to generate 200 to 300 percent more website visitors and increase average time-on-site per visitor by 100 percent.

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Video Marketing: 10 Tips for Shooting a Promotional Video

To create effective web video marketing content, it is critical that attention be paid to the production value when shooting the video.

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What is The Value of a Video on Your Website?

Hi Web Surfers,

Should I be surprised of how many business owners I encounter ask me what is the value of a video on their website? Maybe a bit surprised in this day and age. But it’s okay. Here is a story for you to read about a few reasons why a video on your website is better than none.


Christine Ann Iglesias, Creative Director
C Sharp Video Productions