Roy Terry- The Primal Pitch

Roy Terry-1

Roy Terry is your go to man if you want to transform your pitch from being just good to persuasive during your start up funding stages. Roy is a professional pitch coach and can help you strengthen your pitch by helping you break it down and reconstruct it in a way that makes your listeners sit up and take notice of what you are saying.

Roy Terry-2
C Sharp Video Productions was given the privilege of coming alongside Roy to help him make his video pitch to you. We dropped in on one of his seminars to show you a glimpse of what your experience will be like, then came back to our studio, filmed an interview with him and edited them together.
 Roy Terry-3
We sent 2 videographers to a “Find Your Cofounder” Meetup ( in Milpitas, CA where he was the featured speaker to attend and tape his talk during lunchtime. There were over 50 people, mostly from the local tech industry. He brought two of his current clients and started interviewing them, with all the attendees looking on and taking notes. He asked them pertinent questions about their startups and who they were pitching to-2nd stage investors. By the end of the conversation with them, the general consensus from the room was that the two clients’ pitches were much more convincing and persuasive than they had been at the beginning of their session.
 Roy Terry-4
Roy was a natural when we brought him back to our studio and set him up against green screen to do his own pitch for the video – below.

He introduces his coaching services at Please watch the video, take action and book a session with him today!

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